Friday, June 02, 2006

Getting Used to Hell

It is soooooo freeaaaakkking HOT out here.

Yes, i live in a tropical paradise called Manhattan, este Manila. Some say this is the land of the brown monkey, yet i'd say this is the land of the free mongers. But anyway, if you live in the Philippines, it is like living in Satan's Quarters, where demons and dragons are everywhere. You see them on newspapers most of the time, minus the late blooming demonic horns, which everyone knows will SOON come out anyway. Most usually talk about their lost congressional pork barrels, and the value anus tax.

But now that it is summer, it is sooooo HOOTTT that you'd think this is a prelude to HELL. People here are so used to living in hellish conditions anyway, hell will be a garden of eden for some, and a walk in the park for most others. Walking in the streets of Manila nowadays would entail a great amount of sunblock.

Yet, isnt it fun? Satan brought Boracay to MANILA. Yahooo!!!

Plus of course, the complimentary soot, dust and pollution brought along to acclimatize the populace for what's lurking when they meet Mr. S himself. Believe me, Filipinos are a very resilient people, and they will even throw a grand party in hell. But he better watch out and keep his guard, coz a COUP might be in the outing. Or He'll soon find himself needing extra powers to keep his swarms of demonic army intact.


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